I never have understood….

why people back into parking spaces…. I would never make fun of my friends (except for Chris) but I just watched one of the nicest ladies I have ever met in my life spend almost four minutes backing into a very crowded parking space. I mean, it would take 4 seconds to just pull in and park. It would probably take 10 seconds to back out and go home for the day. Watching that just made me think – what’s the point? When I go somewhere I always park where there’s not a bunch of cars because I don’t want the hassle. I guess I understand why people want to park close to the door but, to me, who gives a fuck? Why not get some cardio? It’s not going to hurt you walking 200 extra steps to head into the mall for some shoes.

Oh well – maybe I’m just sleepy. It’s been really hot again lately and I think I’m getting crabby.

On another note, we here at “Don’t Sit By Me” just received this lovely SPAM: “i wish i could write as well as you do in your blog, congratulations.” AWWWWWWWWWW THANKS!!!!

One thought on “I never have understood….

  1. They back into parking spaces because of the other pressing problem of our time: the bimbo Barbie moms who choose to ignore all available sidewalk space which is tailor-made for standing around talking about how perfect their children are, or whatever direct marketing scheme for selling purses/candles/kitchen equipment/dildos/nuclear weapons that they’ve bought into this week, and instead stand DIRECTLY behind my car at school/church/dance class and continue their insipid conversations while I’m clearly trying to back out. If I had backed in I could gesture politely, but since I didn’t, I can either sit behind the wheel and have a stroke or slllloooooowly back up so that they glare into my car windows as I continue backing after they saunter out of my way because how dare I pull in and out of this parking lot/street where they are obviously OMG TALKING?


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